Taylor Ketcham

CEO, Founder

Taylor Ketcham is a former Division I athlete turned Founder of The Holistic Consulting Group and brings a wealth of experience and passion to the intersection of sports, wellness, and business. With a background as a Division I collegiate lacrosse player, Taylor has translated her athletic drive into a dynamic career as a business owner and holistic consultant.

As a Founder & CEO of Holistic Consulting, Taylor is at the forefront of fostering well-being in business. Drawing from her extensive experience in owning and operating a lacrosse business centered on wellness, a yoga studio focused on integrating up-to-date and impactful well-being technologies, and current longevity & wellness facility in Mooresville, NC, she has demonstrated a commitment to the holistic development of individuals. Through her consulting business, she brings a unique blend of sports mentality and holistic principles to guide organizations towards success.

With a Bachelor's in English from Davidson College and a Master’s in English from Wake Forest University, Taylor brings a unique perspective to her holistic coaching approach. Her graduate studies in Disability Studies and the Evolution of Human Rights enrich her commitment to uplifting women, advocating for social justice, and bridging the gap between corporate and everyday life. With a holistic approach to business development, she aims to empower individuals and organizations to thrive.


Chris Short

COO, Founder

Chris Short is a seasoned executive and strategic visionary dedicated to empowering mission-driven ecosystems and fostering intentional operating systems within organizations. With over a decade of experience spanning various industries, Chris has established himself as a catalyst for positive change and innovation.

In his current role as Chief Operating Officer at The Holistic Consulting Group, Chris leads initiatives aimed at supporting creation and transformation experiences for individuals and businesses. Under his leadership, The Holistic Consulting Group envisions thriving personal and professional ecosystems filled with abundance, agency, transparency, freedom, and pride. Chris's strategic direction includes offering startup incubator services and investing in identity-aligned partner businesses, such as IMPowerU enterprise holistic consulting and Freedom, a longevity and wellness studio.

Previously, Chris served as the Head of Delivery at Pocket Network, a leading decentralized RPC provider in the web3 and blockchain space. He played a pivotal role in supporting access for 30+ blockchains, including Ethereum, Polygon, BSC, and Avalanche. Chris led agile operating systems initiatives, implemented automated testing frameworks, and collaborated with the community and protocol team on significant projects such as MEV, Validators, Bare Metal Hosting, and Cloud Hosting Cost Reduction.

Prior to his tenure at Pocket Network, Chris held key leadership positions at Beeline, where he was responsible for leading enterprise-scale product delivery programs for software product companies. Working directly with the CTO, Chris successfully completed a 24-month program to design and build a global hybrid cloud solution, combining Azure and on-premises private cloud solutions. His expertise in implementing agile methodologies and driving strategic roadmap development was instrumental in achieving the organization's strategic vision.

In addition to his corporate roles, Chris is a founding partner at Freedom Longevity & Wellness LKN, where he provides strategic advisory services to ensure the successful launch and scaling of the Freedom Wellness Ecosystem. He is also a founding member of IMPowerU, an educational platform offering programs to unlock human intelligence in organizations.

Chris's holistic approach extends beyond the business ecosystem, as he finds balance and inspiration in nature through daily walks, mountain biking, backpacking and hiking. He believes in fostering meaningful connections with family and friends and is committed to making a positive impact on the world through his work.

With a passion for innovation and a commitment to holistic well-being, Chris Short is dedicated to empowering organizations to thrive in a rapidly changing landscape.

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